Hi Bounce 10ft trampoline package Review, Buying Guide

You were looking for: Hi Bounce 10ft trampoline package, which is either out of stock, or no longer available. The following from Trampoline Warehouse may me of interest instead of Hi Bounce 10ft trampoline package.

Zone 8ft trampoline package
This trampoline is a mid-level trampoline and will give the best bounce characteristics for medium-weight jumpers. The frame is tough 1.2mm steel and will take a maximum user weight of 80kg 12.8 stone. It sits 50cm from the ground and its 8ft frame gives a 6 8 jump area. Buy: Zone 8ft trampoline package from Trampoline Warehouse.

Zone 8ft trampoline package Review, Description & Buying Guide

To sum up, the Zone 8ft trampoline package is available to buy online from Trampoline Warehouse, and the current retail price is: $279.99, with Trampoline Warehouse price: $129.99. in Trampolines category. You can purchase this item by clicking on the image, or following the link Zone 8ft trampoline package

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Where Is Zone 8ft trampoline package Available To Purchase Online?

You can buy: Zone 8ft trampoline package From Trampoline Warehouse.

Zone 8ft trampoline package Summary

Zone 8ft trampoline package can be purchased from the Trampoline Warehouse online store.
Below, you will find detailed information about Zone 8ft trampoline package. By visiting Trampoline Warehouse, you will be able to find out more, and also buy this item. Online Store: Trampoline Warehouse. Retail Price: £279.99. Trampoline Warehouse Price: £129.99. Buy: Zone 8ft trampoline package. Category: Trampolines. Brand: Zone

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